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Is double glazing right for you?

There is now doubt that double glazing is a great way to help you save money on heating costs in your Glasgow property, whether it is your home or your business.

Here at Fuzion Home Improvements, we are frequently asked many questions about double glazing and the many benefits they can bring...

How much money can you save with double glazing?

It is estimated, that in a three bed roomed home, that by changing from single paned windows to double glazing, a saving of £170 a year could be saved on the heating bill – as well as the savings of carbon monoxide emissions. Double glazing should also last 20 years or more so it is a worthwhile investment.

A double glazing company will be able to help you with the potential savings that could be made at your Glasgow property.

Is double glazing suited to every property?

Some listed buildings cannot have double glazing fitted due to planning permissions but there are other options, such as discreet secondary double glazing. Along with other small modifications, your listed Glasgow property can benefit from substantial energy savings too. Glasgow based double glazing company Fuzion Home Improvements will be able to talk through these options in more detail.

What are the benefits to double glazed windows and doors?

There are many other benefits to double glazing other than saving you money on your heating bills:

  • Reduced nose pollution
  • Retaining heat within the home
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Increased security
  • Reduced condensation

Do I have to have white double glazed windows?

There are many different options in terms of style and colour when it comes to double glazed windows and doors. Many double glazed windows can now be supplied with realistic looking timber looking frames; gone are the days when windows and doors were only available in white frames! Window designs can also hold decorative appeal, for example, windows can be supplied with stained-glass effects. Local double glazing company Fuzion Home Improvements will be able to talk through all the options. The other piece of good news is that double glazed windows need very little, if any, maintenance.
Finally, use a reputable double glazing company and you will have modern looking, double glazed windows in no time at all! Check the quality that the double glazing company uses by asking if you can drive-by other Glasgow addresses to see how their work looks.

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