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Double glazing benefits for your Glasgow property

If you are in the process of renovating your Glasgow property, then you will no doubt be thinking of double glazing. Common place in many homes and business premises across the country, it will not only improve the visual appearance of your property but will offer many benefits. Double glazing will cost more than single-glazed windows – but you will soon re-coup this cost over the longer term.

Savings in energy costs such as heating bills is a longer term saving and the main advantage with double glazing at your Glasgow property. Double glazed units help to minimise the loss of heat from inside the property, as well as stopping cold air from getting in. This results in you having to use less energy to heat your home and, more importantly keep it warm.

Another great advantage with double glazing at a Glasgow property is the reduction in noise. The double panes of glass form a more solid barrier against outside noise, so if you live on a busy street then an added plus is the amazing reduction in noise pollution.

Condensation build up is also less likely to happen. Condensation occurs in a property when humid air comes into with a surface that is at a much lower temperature, hence water droplets are formed; most single-paned windows will be covered in condensation during the winter months. But double glazing of your Glasgow property will effectively stop this happening.

Sun fading of furniture might not be the obvious advantage to double glazing your Glasgow home but double glazed units can help stop the bright sunlight bleaching your soft furnishings, carpets, sofas and other pieces of furniture.

However, as much as we think double glazing is the perfect solution you do need to consider the following as potential disadvantages:

  • If the space between the two panes are not airtight, then moisture will build over time, which is impossible to clear hence you will eventually need to replace the double glazed unit
  • In winter, we welcome the retention of heat in our Glasgow homes but in summer, this can be a very different story! Tinted double glazed windows are available at extra cost.

However, these disadvantages are minor compared to the excellent benefits that you can get when double glazing your Glasgow home. At times when the prices of both electricity and gas are soaring, who wouldn’t want to save money and spend less on heating their homes and businesses? Investing in double glazing will eventually reap rewards.

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