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Conservatory Tips

Conservatories are still one of the most popular types of home extension and for good reason.  With modern developments such as heat resistant glazing, electric blinds and lightweight roof tiles, the conservatory has become an all-year-round area.  But how do you choose what yours should look like?  Here are some expert conservatory tips to help.

The first step is to think about what you want to do with the conservatory.  There are lots of options but having some basic ideas can help with choosing the design and layout.  For example, if you want it to be a dining area, you want enough space to fit the table and chairs in but also to get around comfortably.  If it is going to be a second living room, maybe you want a solid wall to stand the TV against.

Once you know what you want to use the room for, the design will become clearer.  You also want to consider the balance between the garden and the conservatory – too big and it can completely dominate the garden and leave you little room outside.  Plus there are planning considerations that impact total size too.

You will also want to think about the materials used.  For instance, do you want a solid or glazed roof?  Do you want all glazing walls or some solid brickwork areas?  Do you want to have tinted glazing, or will you be adding blinds to give privacy and reduce the sun’s glare?

When you work with an expert in conservatories, they can walk you through all the choices to get the perfect conservatory.

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