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Conservatory v Sunroom

There are lots of different designs of conservatory to choose from when you want to extend your home.  Then there is the sunroom – like a conservatory but a bit different.  So what are the differences and how do you choose the right design?

The definition of the difference for a conservatory v sunroom isn’t a clear cut one.  But generally, a conservatory will have a glass roof while a sunroom will have a solid roof.  Sunrooms often tend to also have a small amount of brickwork around the bottom of the walls where this isn’t always present in a conservatory.

One thing to remember is the old idea of conservatories being too hot on a sunny day isn’t usually the case.  With features like UV reflective glazing or roof blinds, it is much easier to control the temperature in a conservatory.  And you can even add air conditioning units!  However, if you find that you definitely want more shelter from the sun, then a sunroom could be the best option.

Both styles of extension are treated largely the same for planning permission purposes.  As long as you keep within the rules of Permitted Development and don’t live in protected or conservation areas, you are usually able to add either without planning permission.  When you work with an extension expert, they will be able to check this for you.

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